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Connect your brand's marketing opportunities directly with professional athletes.

Being a professional martial artist means working very hard, every day, to chase your dreams. Unfortunately this hard work isn’t rewarded with big paychecks. At Mushin fightsportmarketing we wish to help broaden the influence of martial artist. We believe their attitude in daily life will inspire many of us along the way in becoming a champ of our own.

We offer a network of successful martial artist who have decided to make impact with their achievements, believes and vision. We are looking for partnership & sponsorship to amplify their legacy. Without any sponsorships no athlete would be able to participate on toplevel nor add value to any brand.

This is your moment to step into the ring!

We think there is a lot to learn from the Asian culture. One of those things is the concept of “mushin”, a fascinating form of meditation and mental state into which highly trained martial artists are said to enter during combat.
The word “mushin” is comprised of two old-Japanese characters: (mu), meaning “nothingness”, and (shin), meaning “spirit” or “mind.” In this way MUSHIN can be roughly translated to “mind of no mind.” Mushin is achieved when a person's mind is free from thoughts of anger, fear, or ego during combat or everyday life. Through mushin, artists achieve great mindfulness and sensitivity. When their mind is clear, their work is intuitive and flows from the subconscious.
We help both martial artists and brands to achieve great successes through partnerships. Our work will help them to focus on their goals and to become Mushin.



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